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Testimonials: Testimonials

Harbhajan Singh - Indian cricketer

Dear ravi
I would like to thank you for your great work with me during my important playing days for indian cricket team
People often talk about our performances on the field but no one really knows what goes behind the scene
I remember while I was preparing for the test match series in Sri Lanka 2015/16
I got badly injured.. my left shoulder non bowling arm which is more important than right shoulder for bowling..    it was so much in pain that I couldn’t lift my arm up
I didn’t have much time in my hands as tour was to start in next ten days so I was actually deciding to pull out my name from the team
But thankfully I called you and u were kind enough to come to jalandhar at my place to treat me for a week and ur treatment made me fit and available for the tour..
though the treatment was so painful but as they say no pain no gain
so thank you very much my brother May you continue to help people to achieve their goals and thrive on challenges like you always do to succeed
Keep shining
God bless you

JEEV MILKHA SINGH - Professional Golfer.

JEEV MILKHA SINGH - Professional Golfer

Dear Ravi,

At the outset, let me thank you for looking after me and helping me get back to fitness from the debilitating and career-threatening shoulder injury.

I have no doubt that your knowledge and understanding of the human body – especially what we athletes have to go through – played a big role in getting me back on the golf course.

I wish you all the best for the future and will be happy to recommend any injured sportsperson to seek your consultancy.

IMG-20190821-WA0001 (1).jpg

Jeremy Gordon ( Canadian cricketer / fast bowler )

I met Ravi this year (2019) during the Global T20 league in Canada where he was the appointed Physiotherapist for my team, the Toronto Nationals.

Ravi is very knowledgeable and a proven professional. He is accommodating and extremely patient with the services / support he provides.

Ravi treated and advised me regularly during my time as a fast bowler at the Global T20 Tournament. I had a few niggles and was struggling with lower back and shoulder pain.

Ravi did an assessment on my lower back and quickly determined that the root cause was my hips (they were too stiff).  Ravi would do various hip opening stretches / exercises to release the pressure that was being placed on my lower back and also free up my hip. This worked beautifully; I felt really good after each session and my performance definitely improved after each session.

Also, back in 2015, I injured my right shoulder. I’ve seen various Physiotherapists and received countless treatments, but my injury would keep resurfacing. Ravi did another assessment on my shoulders, and noticed that my shoulders were not aligned. He aligned my shoulders and provided an action plan for me to work on to strengthen my shoulders, which would solve my shoulder injury permanently.

Without any doubts or hesitations, I would recommend Ravi for all your Physiotherapy needs. I always feel like I learnt so much more about my body that I didn't know before and I would walk away feeling very satisfied and confident after my each session with Ravi. Again, he is very accommodating, extremely patient, very knowledgeable and a true professional!

Ravi by far is the best Physiotherapist I have ever worked with (and I've worked with quite a bit in my 20 years and counting cricket career).


Chris Green - Australian Cricket Player

I had the pleasure of being treated by Ravi during the recent GT20 in Canada in 2019 as a part of the Toronto Nationals Cricket Team. His professionalism and care for all the players was really impressive to witness. For me personally he helped me deal with lower body stiffness, in particular through my hips and lower back, which ensured I was able to compete on the field to the best of my ability. I can recommend Ravi to any athlete/sportsperson who required physio treatment in order to get back on, or remain on the track/field/etc competing and doing what they love to do!

Billy Neilson

Ravi was fantastic for us during this years America's 9s Rugby League tournament in Toronto.  As manager of the USA Hawks, it makes my job and the players jobs a lot easier when we have such a knowledgeable trainer.  It was long day physical day and Ravi kept the boys rolling through all the games. With his help we came out victorious and avoided any serious injuries.

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